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Heidi Custers

Tweetup at The Baron: A fantastic night out

21 March, 2009, by Heidi, category Tweetups


On Wednesday night a few Joburg Tweeps gathered at The Baron in Sandton to welcome Gaby Rosario to Smog City. It was a change from our normal tweetup venue of Capello in Sandton city, which we were sad to give up since Garsen left (but that’s another story altogether).

Nick Jackson & I were the first to arrive. Well, we thought we were until we realised Walter Pike had been there since 5pm and had already made enemies with one of the local bees. The rain threatened to dampen our spirits but after a few rounds of musical chairs to avoid the drops, the fantastic waiters built us a table under cover, despite us not having a booking. The guest of honour did the typical Cape Town thing and got lost (Damn Garmins!) but she managed to find it and so Gaby Rosario’s Joburg tweetup got underway.

It was really great to finally meet @Darwinshomeย  and @AfricanABC after months of almost daily interaction and, of course, meeting Gaby was awesome, as expected. Smart chick, she is.


@TimLunn brought these fantastic little gadgets that let you exchange your electronic business card & Social Media info (up to 30 platforms including Twitter,Facebook & LinkedIn) with other people who have them by just touching them together (“Bumping uglies” as @SnappingTurtle put it.). Perfect for tweetups, conferences and 27Dinners. They also come in the most awesome designs. They’re called “Pokens” and more info can be found here. They can be bought online either singly for R250 each or in packs of 12, working out to R150 each. @Shebeegee and I were chatting and if enough people are interested, maybe we can all put our money together to take advantage of the discount.

I’m not going to waffle on for much longer, @CraigN & @Darwinshome brought their cameras and pictures are worth a thousand words.

Click here and here for @CraigN’s photos

Click here for @Darwinshome’s photos

These are the crazy tweeps that were there:

@GabyRosario, @SnowgooseSA, @ShaunCusters, @SnappingTurtle, @Peter_vs, @Rozze2, @Delta_3, @jkretzmer, @Shebeegee, @mylifescape, @8unni, @NickJackson, @slicktiger, @WalterPike, @Saulkza, @CraigN, @TimLunn, @BergenLarsen, @AfricanABC & @Darwinshome.


  1. Jeanette |

    Ahhh I love the look of that gadget! Count me in if you’re ordering them in bulk ๐Ÿ™‚
    Looks like I missed a very good evening again.

  2. SaulK |

    I’d just like to add that pink shirts are cool.
    Nicely organised and fantastic evening ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Heidi |

    @Jeanette @Rozz Cool – so that’s 4 so far – as soon as we get orders for 12 I’ll buy a pack (shouldn’t take long)

    @Graeme Was great to meet you too, pity we didn’t get to chat much, oh well – next time ๐Ÿ™‚

    @SaulK LOL, yes oh pink shirted one – we all agree. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. zk |

    I want that gadget too
    i tried to get it few months ago but well didnt wrk out ๐Ÿ™‚
    i so missed out ๐Ÿ™ no fair
    but DBN was awesome
    see you on thurs?

  5. SheBee |

    Hey hey. Sorry I’m so late in my commenting, it’s been a chaotic week.

    What an awesome evening, definitely one of my best so far. Thanks to all the whoreganisers ๐Ÿ™‚

    Listen guys, Tim and I have been chatting. Nerdmag will be supplying the little pokens, so if anyone wants to order, just drop me an email or comment on the site and once we have a full order of 12 we can send them out.

  6. zk |

    me me me @SheBee
    i want i want
    i want i want
    yes i feel like a small kid ๐Ÿ˜€