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Heidi Custers

ThurFriday Funny

30 April, 2009, by Heidi, category Rants, Twitter

It’s the last ThurFriday for a while today. From next week onwards, we Saffers are back to 5 day weeks. 🙁 So to relax you in anticipation of your long weekend, I have for you: a Twitter Cartoon!

I’ve been fighting with LinkedIn and it’s stupid crap for the past 2 weeks so this cartoon made me laugh out loud (not LOL, actually laugh, out loud.):

But wait! That’s not all! In light of the recent NerdMag article by my friend Exmi and the storm of commentary that followed it, I’d like to add another twitter one. This one’s for you”Anonymoron”:




  1. ExMi |

    and that’s why i love you the *most*.

    because you have a sense of humour, about EVERYTHING.

    and because you don’t take yourself as seriously as other people do.

    nice one, heidi.

  2. Heidi |

    @Exmi Aw, I love you too. (In a totally non-lesbian way, of course)

    How could I possibly take myself seriously? My online persona is essentially poultry! 😉

  3. parrettt69 |

    just brilliant
    why do south africans have such a cool sense of humour?

  4. mylifescape |

    hahahahaaa… this is the funniest thing i read all week – well, afer @ExMi’s post on NM! hahaha… hahaha…. oh I can’t stop laughing! Must go tweet about this…

  5. Jim |

    I love this… as with the Dilbert cartoons, every now and again a cartoon is so spot on it does in fact make you LOL. This was one of these. The Twitter-politics some of my colleagues debate is unbelievable! 😀