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Samsung Windows 7 Phone – Guest Review 1

24 July, 2011, by Heidi, category My Job, That internet stuff

I was very lucky to receive a Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone from Microsoft about a month ago. I thought I’d do something different and give it to other people to review to collect opinions about it from a variety of sources. So without further ado, here is review 1, written by my colleague Noelene Mostert:


“I am currently the user of a Samsung Omnia 7 WIndows Phone. This phone frustrates me, delights me, annoys me and excites me all at the same time.

The bright, clear screen is probably the first thing to notice on the phone. That and the fact that it is huge! Ok, maybe not huge, but definitely the biggest phone I’ve had since joining the mobile brigade.

The phone has three face buttons on the front – a “Back”, “Windows” and “Search” button and volume, camera and power lock buttons along the sides.

The main area of interaction however, is the Home screen which is activated by hitting the main Windows button. This takes you to a selection of tiles which show constantly updating information. You can manipulate these by long-pressing on one and moving it around the screen. The large icons are easy to hit but the screen does seem a tad oversensitive at times.

By swiping to the right from the Home a full list of applications will appear. This can get frustrating when you have loads of apps, but I think the focus here from Microsoft was trying to achieve simplicity.

A notification pane at the top of the phone appears when you tap the first centimetre of the phone from the top edge. This is where the signal and battery meter will appear. It’s all part of Microsoft’s attempt to keep the screen clear from clutter but it can be a bit annoying when you just want to have a quick glance to see what’s going on.

Sending an SMS or sending messages online can be a mission, simply because I am not able to type as quickly as I would have liked. The QWERTY keyboard is all good and well, but not too forgiving when in a hurry. Oh,  and the fact that it keeps on changing my words also frustrates me, but I am sure it will go much better as soon as I manage to find where I can switch the dictionary off.

The camera on the phone takes great pictures in the day and can be uploaded directly by the pretty nifty Photo Sharing tool, which allows you to add pictures to Facebook, Flickr and Photobucket to name a few.  At night time the flash is however a bit powerful and close up pictures tend to be a little too overexposed for my liking.

All in all, I think the Windows experience on the phone is enjoyable, apart from the little niggle I have with it here and there. It will definitely keep anyone occupied for hours though and comes highly recommended by yours truly.

Go on then… go and find one to play with!”


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