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Heidi Custers

Please, somebody; give me more time.

14 March, 2009, by Heidi, category My life
100_3155 I love to paint. It is so therapeutic and a fantastic outlet for my creativity. I just finished a great mural… It took me 2 years to paint. Not because it’s a masterpiece or is incredibly complicated and artistic, because I am absolutely incapable of managing my personal time efficiently.

I also love to blog, but if you look at this blog you will see I post less than once a week. Some of the other things I enjoy doing/should be doing but feature very little in my life of late:

Interior decorating.
I have a file full of ideas and bits of decor stuffed in cupboards from 3 years ago,

I started a kitchen cupboard 2 years ago and never finished it, there has been a wall tile missing in the bathroom for over a year,

I started a lavender & stone garden 18 months ago – it is now overgrown with lavender & weeds and only has half the stones it should,

Keeping my car clean and in running order.
I have had a broken indicator and no back number plate for 3 weeks now, I can’t remember the last time I took it to a car wash, if it wasn’t for services it’d never get cleaned,

Keeping in touch with friends and family.
I have a reputation for being a useless friend/daughter/sister. My mother has to remind me of family members’ birthdays and my father calls me Mohammed, as in: “If Mohammed won’t come to the mountain, the mountain will have to come to Mohammed”,

As I say in my About section; I am a voracious reader. well, I used to be anyway. I would go through a book a week at least. Now if I finish one every 2 months it’s a lot.

Going to galleries, scenic lunch venues and picnic spots.
I adore the outdoors and I love art. But the last time I spent more than 10 minutes outside or had any exposure to culture was… um… well, you get the point.

So what has happened to me? Why am I incapable of finishing a personal project or using my time wisely? I don’t know. I am ashamed of my utter uselessness.

The funny thing is; I’m not like that at work at all. I have a great system for organising my time, my email and my priorities at work. I pride myself on being organised and ruthless when it comes to squeezing every last drop out of my 9 or so hours a day there. So why can’t I apply the same principles to my home life? Why do I find myself staring at the screen, aimlessly clicking on links people have tweeted, when I have a precious few hours of free time?

I have no doubt that if I had just one more day a week to do whatever I wanted I would be able to do most of the things I want. I can hear you saying “No you wouldn’t, you would just spend the day sleeping and vegging in front of the TV”. I wouldn’t – the only reason I spend most Saturdays imitating a 3 toed sloth is I am so physically exhausted from 8 meetings a day for 5 days and spending my nights catching up on the work I miss while in meetings that I am not actually able to muster up the energy to move on Saturdays, and Sundays are for family: Having divorced parents, adult sisters and a live-in boyfriend means I have at least 4 different families to see on Sundays.

Just one more day. That could be my “me-day”. My day to paint, to garden, to put the damn tile up on the damn bathroom wall… just one more day, please!

Is that too much to ask?

The stone garden. aka: weed city.


  1. acidicice |

    I think i’d waste that extra day. Or my employer would find a way to make me work it. The bastards.

  2. Michael John Grove |

    You will have to get Quirk to instigate the same policy that Adii has over at radiiate.com – a 4 day work week. Fridays are off for all staff.

    Not sure if I would use it wisely, but maybe I would because all my friends will still be stuck at work 😛

  3. saaleha |

    I so feel this!

    First step involves banning myself totally from stupid online flash games like bubbleshooter.

  4. Heidi |

    @acidicice LOL, you really don’t like them, do you ? 😉

    @Michael John Grove Wow! I didn’t realise that! Adii must have really happy staff!

    @saaleha Totally agree, I waste way too much time playing TypeRacer.