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Heidi Custers


21 September, 2009, by Heidi, category Random

So, I have this tendency to do things on the spur of the moment. Crazy things. Dare-Twitter-to-dare-you-to-wear-your-pyjamas-to-work crazy. Yes, you heard right, tomorrow morning I will be going to work in my purple and blue stripy PJs and I will be twitpiccing it for the nation to see. Gorilla slippers and all. I got a bit bored tonight and tweeted that if I got 30 people @replying me on twitter, I’d wear my pyjamas to work.

Why, you ask? Because I can. I don’t know…. I’m crazy like that. So if you want to see me in my (not so) sexy pyjamas, make sure you’re on twitter tomorrow at 09h00.

Holy hell, what have I gotten myself into?

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering… I got 88 @replies and counting)


I did it! I wore my PJs to work, look:


  1. Barry |

    Talk about a dare .. so yr going to work in them .. but are you changing when you get to work, or is this an all day dare..?

    Thinking about it you should have done this for charity .. You would have made a packet ..


  2. cath |

    Fk yeah! Truth be told, I do it often as cannot be arsed to look fabulous and be fabulous simultaneously some days.

    Just spilt tea down my pjs so am hunting for some more now !!!


  3. Heidi |

    @Barry I’ll wear them the whole day… why not?

    @Cath we are gonna rock so much! Hope yours aren’t as old & ratty as mine! 😉

  4. Heidi |

    @AstroDate I don’t know if any of my colleagues in nuts enough. Maybe if I had more time I could get it done… hmmmmm.. *idea forms in goose brain*