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Heidi Custers

I’m gonna be a QuirkStar!

9 March, 2009, by Heidi, category My life

So there it is. The bomb has dropped. I am shortly going to be leaving Standard Bank to join the wonderful world of Quirk eMarketing as an account manager in their Johannesburg office.

I suppose I have some explaining to do, don’t I?
Let me start by saying that leaving the bank was not an easy decision to make. I still love the brand, the people and the culture. I just have that little thing that Shakespeare called “Vaulting ambition” and I honestly think I’m too nuts for a big corporate. The various agencies I have worked with during my time at the bank have always said I’m more of an agency person than a bank person and I guess I’ve started listening to them.

Of all the agencies out there, the one that has really captured my attention is Quirk. They seem to have the same values as me, their achievements are simply mind-blowing and I am nothing if not “quirky”. So it almost seemed pre-ordained that they were looking for an account manager in their Joburg office at the same time I was looking to be an account manager at an eMarketing agency… And to work at Quirk is not an opportunity you pass up.

So that is it then – I will officially become a QuirkStar on the 14th of April. I will most likely sob my heart out on my last day at Standard Bank, the things I have learned and the connections I have made in the past 2 years have been invaluable and I have so many people to thank.
But that does not believe I am not super duper UBER excited about joining Rob Stokes and his amazing team. I am so excited I can hardly sit still!



  1. Paul Jacobson |

    That is amazing news! You are probably going to have an absolute blast there. You also get to work with my brother! Congrats Heidi!

  2. Nick Jackson |

    Just reminding you, you promised not to forget me when you’re big πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

    Congratulations amigo.

  3. Virginia |

    Hey, congrats that is super exciting- 2 yrs is solid for any job and having ambition is wonderful, a win on both counts. You go girl, geekmommie

  4. Heidi |

    wow! thanks for all the awesome comments guys! you’ve made me even more excited! πŸ™‚

  5. Nic |

    Welcome to the Quirk team Heidi – from the bunch of nutters at Quirk UK.

  6. richard |

    Now I understand why you were SO positive about Rob during your twitter session at the congress last week hahahaha

    Have fun, I know you will. I have never worked with Rob, I met him a few times though and I would love to go back to Cape Town as well, but hey … somebody needs to stay in the Netherlands

    cheers Richard

  7. Yasin |

    Shobedowap dee dee doo wap … I am so happy πŸ™‚
    Girl, Welcome on-board the Quirk Express, its going to be legendary.

  8. Daniel |

    Welcome Heidi!

    Killer to have you on board the StarShip Quirk!

    Come and visit the Cape Town QuirkStation soon, telephones are lame….

    PS: To actually understand Yasin’s comment above you have to imagen him doing a little dance during the “Shobedowap dee dee doo wap” part

  9. Darren |

    Congratulations Heidi! All the best with your new challenges. I’m sure Std Bank will be even sadder to lose you.

  10. Rozz |

    Bah!.. Traitor that is all I have to say! ..

    On a serious note like @nickjackson said ..don’t forget you promised not to forget us when you are big πŸ˜‰

    Congratz! *Big happy jumping around dance for you*

  11. Simone Puterman |

    Awesomeness! You can get to dress all quirky and wear your Batgirl and Little Ms Twitter tshirts. Enjoy the lesser traffic but don’t lose your gym routine!

  12. Rob D |

    Hey Heidi,

    Congrats on getting the job! I was also involved in the selection process, unfortunately I didn’t make the final cut! All the best – who knows, maybe some day I will be joining you πŸ™‚

  13. Your sister |

    Thank goodness for your blog. It gives me something to read in traffic. Congrats sister! Uber proud of you! Fly goose fly up with the eagles!

  14. Heidi |

    @Kat, Daniel, Nic, Yasin & Tim… Thank you! I’m really looking forward to meeting all of you. I dont come to CT or London very often but I guess that will have to change… πŸ˜‰

    @Rozz I will miss working with you more than you will ever know my awesome twin-friend. Hooray for Skype! πŸ™‚

    @RobD Hectic – sorry you didn’t get the job but I’m really glad I did! πŸ˜‰ Hopefully you will join me soon.

    @Simone LOL, I dont think I could drop the gym routine with you around to kick me into shape!

  15. Melissa |

    Hey Hey! Awesome news goose! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and learn a lot – well done you!

  16. Daphne |

    Congrats Heids, we are all so proud of you, and know you will be great!

  17. Phil |

    Congrats sister! Very proud of you! Well done.
    I know you will be the β€œStar” at Quirk!
    Groete vir Sproete

  18. Heidi |

    @Romy (your sister), @Daphne, @Phil Yay! Thanks for commenting family! Your support means so much to me!

  19. Simone Puterman |

    Cool, so you’ll inspire me to eat clean and I’ll inspire you to keep up the gymming. After all, we now both have Batperson t-shirts from Mr Price to fit into!