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Heidi Custers

I’m a winna wena!

15 February, 2009, by Heidi Schneigansz, category My life, Twitter

I have not really ever won anything in my life. OK, I won a stationery set in a raffle in standard 4 but I’m pretty sure that does not count.

You can imagine how flippin happy I am that in 2 weeks I have won twice! All thanks to twitter, of course! (yet ANOTHER reason you should be on twitter.)

First it was a Goldfish competition. Yes, Goldfish, my favourite band-cum-electro-funk-jazz-thingie, I LOVE Goldfish! Their beats always cheer me up and my friend Andrew will testify to how mad I go on the dancefloor when their songs come on. So – back to my prize: It was 2 tickets to their “Submerged Sundays at La Med”. Um.. ja, so, it’s in Cape Town and I’m stuck here in smog city; Jozi. It doesn’t matter cos Graeme Macpherson went in my place and by the looks of his photos, it rocked! Plus the uber-hot Dave from Goldfish said I am invited to their next Joburg gig, so I still win!

The second prize is a gorgeous Handbag Hook from StyleScoop Magazine. What great timing since I have recently bought a new Handbag for the first time in 3 years and It needs to be taken care of (even though the fiend hides my gum, keys & cellphone and broke a pair of my sunglasses this weekend)

So there you go people. Get your butts onto twitter, follow Goldfish & StyleScoop and you too could be a winna wena. Yay for me! 🙂


  1. zk |

    sigh some people are soo lucky
    wish i had been born with a lucky bone lol

  2. DOYLE |

    @yesitsBrandon we’re holding to 100 for a while to hold down twitter API calls, and server resources.

  3. Microwave |

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