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Heidi Custers

Halfway Toyota made my Friday

6 November, 2009, by Heidi, category My life, Random

So you know I bought my new baby a few months ago? My gorgeous little Yaris which has been the most amazing reliable and awesome car I’ve ever owned. Well, even awesome cars need services and my 1st one came up today.

I emailed Halfway Toyota in Fourways on Wednesday to find out if they could service it today – they emailed back within 5 minutes to confirm the service and then SMSed me yesterday to remind me and to give me their details in case I needed to contact them.

I drove in 15 minutes early this morning and a hot Scottish guy named Dave met me at my car, explained what would happen with it and took my keys. I was then ushered to a swanky lounge with yummy capuccinos to wait for my lift to the office. It turns out I didn’t need the lift as Mary was on her way to get me, they were totally cool with the fact that I asked for the lift, cancelled it, asked for it again and cancelled it again. (long story)

I was in a presentation the whole day and they called me spot on as the presentation ended (this could just be luck but I’m attributing it to mental telepathy, mmmkay?). Hot Scottish Dave and the awesome Megan from their service department informed me that my baby was all serviced and clean and that a driver was being dispatched to collect me.

My car is running perfectly – it’s clean and it smells great – and it was all totally free of charge! (this is the first time I’ve had a service plan on a car so forgive my excitement)They are even arranging to get a part that some twat stole off my car for me.

In a world where crappy service has be come the norm, this kind of personal attention is inspiring. Every single person I encountered there was friendly and helpful – on a Friday afternoon when they have license to be a bit grumpy, I would be helluva grumpy! The thing that really makes me smile is that I drive a Yaris, not a big fancy Lexus, not a Prado. If they treat me like this now, I can’t wait to buy a Lexus one day – can you imagine what they would do then?!? 🙂

I will take my car there for every single service – even if I move to Siberia!

Thank you Dave, Megan, Simon the Driver and all the other people at Halfway Toyota in Fourways – you made my Friday.


  1. Car Driver |

    So… just like every other car service establishment in the country, then?

    Doesn’t take much to make your day, now does it?

  2. Claude Pereira |

    Heidi, as we have managed to make your day, you have indeed made mine.

    I am the proud service manager here at Halfway Toyota and it is refereshing to see possitive feedback.
    Thank you for thaking the time to express your delight in our service to you.
    I hope the relationship will continue for many happy Toyota years.

    Kind Regards

  3. Heidi |

    @Car Driver You’re pretty lucky if every car service establishment you’ve ever visited gives you service like this. This is the first time for me. And yes, good service always makes my day. It’s so rare in SA.

    @Claude The fact that you commented on my blog just brought the good service to a new level – bet you every car service establishment in the country doesn’t do that! 😉

  4. Scottish Dave |

    Well Heidi, im pretty stoked that you enjoyed our service and more so that you’re telling the world about it too 🙂 thanks for the praise again and we’ll see u back in the future!