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Heidi Custers

Goodbye Bean, Hello Yaris

29 July, 2009, by Heidi, category My life

So after 4 years of loyal service, I traded my Bean in last weekend. My bean, in case you’re wondering, was my Corsa Lite 1.4i. The numberplate was SJB which we christened Snowgoose’s Jelly Bean. I also called her The Bubble – and I loved her. Well, I did until recently.

I got my bean in 2005, she was 4 years old at the time, with 24 000km on her. I had sold my 1st car (The Beast, my 1987 Nissan Exa) to get the deposit together and The Bean was the first thing I had ever financed – the first thing I had ever spent over R9000 on! She was very basic – no central locking, no aircon, no power steering – heck – not even a rev counter! But, I loved her. I loved that car fiercely until April this year when some <insert the most obscene word you can think of here> decided not to have brake lights and slam on brakes on the highway – meaning my Bean went straight into the towbar of his ugly orange double cab – crunch! I was pretty frikken upset, you may remember the tweets.

Anyway – so The Bean has not been the same since then, she rattled and pulled in funny directions. This made me decide I needed a trade-up. I had a limited budget so it looked to me like the Toyota Yaris was the best bet. And after only 3 days of searching I found the perfect one: White (I like white cars -OKAY??), top of the range, low mileage (26 000km) and newish (2008 model).

And so on Saturday morning I found myself taking my last drive in the bean, speeding (as I usually do) and singing along to “I love you, always forever” with the radio at top volume. I met my new baby (and the massive instalment that comes with her) and took her home. She has all the bells and whistles and I haven’t stopped playing with them ever since. I’m even getting a personalised numberplate (yes, I KNOW it’s kitsch, I don’t care). Can you guess what it is? … No prizes for getting it: SNWGOOS GP.

So look out for me on JHB roads – most likely driving recklessly, over the speed limit, maybe even tweeting, in my gorgeous new car.

I feel so grown up.


  1. yasin |

    Having had to revive the bean have to say she will be remembered but the mode of transport now is very snazzy. You go girl, totally deserve it :). To racking up the miles, open roads, no mishaps and loads of great memories n beyond.

  2. Snappingturtle |

    Never mind no rev counter… The Jellybean didn’t have a cigarette lighter!
    Welcome to the toyota club… Now when you arrive we can say ‘and yaris Heidi!’ hee hee 🙂
    Did i mention i am insanely jealous?
    Congrats snoo 🙂

  3. Chris M |

    Yay new car!

    I was so sad when I sold my Corsa, that beast was a car of a lifetime, it did 4 years of Butlers shifts and still survived. It also did 210km, which is tight for a 1300i – Ok, I pumped lots of cash in and modded the hell out of it, but still, poor baby kept playing.

    Yaris is a nice drive, my Mom has one and I’ve driven it several times. Well done on the custom plates, you’re not cool til you have one, so good move!

    Enjoy it snow!

    luv n0ms 😉

  4. Heidi |

    @yasin thanks – I must still take you for a drive in it – it’s so much more luxurious than Bean was.

    @SnappingTurtle And Waris your Yaris? I thought you were getting one? Then we can be twin designer/Yaris drivers/Midrand dwellers!

    @Noms Yeah – finally someone who gets my love of custom plates! And she doesn’t know it yet, but @SnappingTurtle is making me a Snowgoose sticker for it too so I’m going super-kitsch! 🙂

  5. snappingturtle |

    waris my yaris? not for a while – decided to buy something else for now – watch this space…
    out “twin-ness” will have to be designer/toyota/midrand for now 🙂

  6. Dutchess |

    Luister pseudo duck…baie geluk met die nuwe karretjie.We think you are a bit windgat with the new plate!!!
    When are we going to see the new choorikie…we are very proud of you and enjou the luxuries!!!

    Lots of love Mohamed,The Dutchess and goslings

  7. marymuz |

    after one day in my little baby you fell in love. hope your yaris is as good to you as mine has been to me xxx