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Gingers, INDABA and Max: The madness continues

18 May, 2009, by Heidi, category My Job, My life, That internet stuff


So – I like gingers. Yes, I know it’s odd but I’m a big Ginger fan. Especially the ginger who runs SA Cricket Blog. I also quite like the Ginger who runs Quirk.

It seems my love for, and collection of Gingers, has somehow gotten my blog ranked really high on Google. So – I modified this post (original below) to give all you searchers something for your time… Enjoy all the Ginger pics and videos below…

And here’s the original post:


I know I have been totally useless for the past few weeks. When I started this blog I promised myself I’d post at least once a week… another one bites the dust then.

In my defence, they have been the busiest 2 weeks in a long time. 5 other QuirkStars and I prepared frantically for and travelled down to INDABA in Durban, the biggest Tourism show in Africa, to cover the event for a Quirk client; South African Tourism. Despite little sleep (or maybe because of it), our team managed to record over 6 hours of footage, took 73 photos, tweeted 56 times and wrote close to 3 000 words on the INDABA blog. But just as awesome was the time I spent getting to know my fellow QuirkStars. Radness abounds here – and so does madness.

From a daily diet of 5 bar-ones to the infamous shared towel, we ensured we kept true to the mild insanity our company name suggests. I learned that Jamie has never eaten anything interesting in his whole life, If you ask Daniel to start talking about music you’d better be sitting comfortably and Asher is a complete germ-a-phobe. Rob and Mary are both nuts in their own way, but that just adds to their awesomeness. (Oh, if you are a nervous passenger, I would not suggest you drive with Rob!). I’m sure they also think I am completely nuts (rightly so) but I don’t think they care if the look on their faces when I presented a cooked breakfast as they woke up on Sunday morning is anything to go by.

After the excitement of INDABA, this week could have been very dull if not for the birth of my Ginger Collection and The First Baby To Trend On Twitter Before He Was 4 Hours Old. If that sentence makes no sense to you, you’re obviously not following me on twitter, so let me elaborate:

I recently realised I know quite a few Gingers. Definitely more than the average person, I would say. My boyfriend (and favourite ginger), his older brother, my boss – Rob Stokes, 2 of my colleagues and 1 of my friends have red hair and freckles (in varying degrees of intensity). Now having dubbed myself a ‘Polyester Ginger’ (natural blonde, dyes hair red), I am pretty chuffed by this. So chuffed,that I decided on Wednesday to start a Ginger collection. I’d call myself “Snowgoose and the Seven Gingers”. I was so stoked when after I tried to recruit my 2 outstanding gingers, I got more than 5 Gingers volunteer to be in my collection! (even some girl gingers!). I have decided to expand my collection and start a Ginger Political party, with the goal of winning one seat in parliament in 2014. Laugh now, but you’ll be voting for us soon! 😉


My weird fascination with red hair was interrupted by history being made on Friday, as Tertia Albertyn‘s new-born son, Max, became the first South African baby to feature on TwitterTrends before, during and just after his birth. On Friday morning, Cath Jenkin & Exmi decided we to dedicate a hashtag to his birthday and get it trending on twitter.

They succeeded. With the help of just 170-odd of the 10 000 South African twitter users who put the tag: #MaxDay in their tweets, they got Tertia’s baby onto the number 3 spot on Twitter’s Home page, ahead of Star Trek and Swine Flu.   This means that #MaxDay was the third most important topic on twitter in the world, and with an audience of over 7 million – that is no mean feat. Max Albertyn made history and gave all us twitter weirdos something to do for a few hours. Thanks little Dude.

So now you know why I haven’t blogged in a while. Forgive me yet? No?

Ah, bah humbug!


  1. Smith |

    No mention of the coolest meeting room on the eastern seaboard or the longest meal in the world!!!

  2. Heidi |

    @Smith If I had to detail all the awesomeness of the weekend, I would still have been typing!

    I am, however, still dreaming of working in Umdloti. 🙂

  3. Rob |

    Hey… my driving ain’t that bad! I only had to put the foot down because you slackers wouldn’t get out of bed 🙂

  4. Heidi |

    @Rob OK – firstly: I was out of bed before you every morning (with coffee and breakfast) :p

    Secondly: I did not say you were a bad driver – I said nervous passengers should not drive with you… I’m a reckless driver too. 🙂

    hee hee. #SelfImportantGoose

  5. Melody Anderson |

    So the first picture in this post (the kid with the Mohawk scalping his sister)… I am that sister (ten years later).