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Heidi Custers

Family shenanigans

13 April, 2009, by Heidi, category My life

No – its not a play on my surname. We had a fabulous Easter lunch at my oldest sister’s house today and I want to share it with you in a few pictures.

My beautiful 6 year old neice and her dad share a special moment:


My nephew, Ruben, proud to be a “Springbokkie”. I can’t believe he’s almost 3. It honestly feels like yesterday I was holding a newborn baby:


Esli has vowed to learn how to do a head-stand before she goes back to school. After some instruction from Aunt Romy and ‘Uncle’ Shaun, she got very close today. A few more days of practice and I’m sure she’ll be able to do it without leaning against the wall. Ruben, however, needs a few more years. 😉


We ended the day off with a breathtaking African sunset:


I’ve got loads more pics but I’ll pop those on my Flickr stream during the week. These ones captured the day for me. Good food, great company and a little silliness: Just what Easter should be.

Oh! I almost forgot: My family are avid readers of this blog. They always comment about it, even though they don’t always understand what I’m on about. That is really awesome and I’m really grateful. So… Hi Family! 🙂


  1. Phil |

    Hi “Twitterest”
    It was a GREAT day and a privilege to have all the Geese at our house.

    Groete vir Sproete

  2. Sarah |

    Ditto – fab day! Looking forward to Borrak….Boraka…..Boerra-ka…..oh bloody hell – that place we are going to!

  3. Heidi |

    @PIERS @Sarah Yeah – rocking day. Borakalolo is going to be awesome!

    @Jeanette Thanks! That’s quite a compliment coming from you! I’m no photographer – I don’t even have a decent camera! 🙂