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Johannesburg, South Africa
Heidi Custers

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How to lose Twitter followers in 10 steps

17 March, 2009 | Rants, Twitter | by Heidi

After the runaway success of the article @Shebeegee very kindly allowed me to write for NerdMag, I thought I’d put it up here, so if you haven’t already read it, enjoy. (Please keep in mind that this was written as a cheeky humuorous article and should not be taken too seriously – a bit like […]

Another tweetup – Gaby Rosario is in Jozi soon.

13 March, 2009 | Twitter | by Heidi

It seems I have somehow become the unofficial “JHB-tweetup-organising-person” (A title I dont mind at all – I love tweetups!). So in the grand tradition (okay, so this is only the fourth one – so what!?) of Snowgoose Tweetups I have organised a tweetup on Wednesday 18 March at The Baron in Sandton. You know; […]

Shebee is coming to town!

3 March, 2009 | Twitter | by Heidi

The incomparible Sheena Gates (A.K.A @Shebeegee) is in Joburg this week and it’s only fair we honour her presence with a tweetup. All are welcome. RSVP below:

I’m a winna wena!

15 February, 2009 | My life, Twitter | by Heidi Schneigansz

I have not really ever won anything in my life. OK, I won a stationery set in a raffle in standard 4 but I’m pretty sure that does not count. You can imagine how flippin happy I am that in 2 weeks I have won twice! All thanks to twitter, of course! (yet ANOTHER reason […]

Twitter toons (twoons, whatever)

12 February, 2009 | Twitter | by Heidi Schneigansz

I love twitter cartoons (especially if they’re Scroobls) so I have uploaded a few of my faves right here on my blog. Go to the Twitter Cartoons page to see them and have a chuckle. Email me if you have any you think I should upload (They have to be twitter related, the blog is […]