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Heidi Custers

Johannesburg, South Africa
Heidi Custers

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19 December, 2011 | 4-Hour Body, My life | by Heidi

As you well know, I’ve struggled with my weight all my life, and this year has been particularly trying. I have been on a dietician’s diet and gymming twice a week all year… and have just been putting on weight. That was, until I found my trigger: my competitive streak. 7 weeks ago, I was […]

August: Heavy on the mind

14 August, 2011 | 4-Hour Body, My life | by Heidi

It seems August makes me tired, too tired to type complete sentences. So I’m just going to bullet point my thoughts and what’s been happening in my life. Yes, I know it’s a cop-out. Sue me. The 2nd will forever be a difficult day. A year has passed and I still miss you Mamma, the […]

An experiment : The 4 hour body

19 June, 2011 | 4-Hour Body | by Heidi

Recently I came across “The 4-Hour Body” by Tim Ferriss on my Kindle. I’ve always struggled with my weight but never read an exercise or fitness book, waste of time right? But for some reason I started reading it and I’m enjoying it so much I just have to share… The thing with this particular […]