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Johannesburg, South Africa
Heidi Custers

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22 February, 2009 | Random | by Heidi

Here’s the deal: 1. Sit down 2. TAKE A PICTURE OF YOURSELF RIGHT NOW. Don’t primp, just snap one! 3. Upload it 4. Tag 5 people to do the same 5. Hashtag it #merightnow on Twitter Tagged in this post: 1. Tanya de Ville (@snappingturtle) 2. Steven McD (@StevenMcD) 3. Jenty (@jenty) 4. Zahira Kharsany (@zk) […]

Have you met Kay?

20 February, 2009 | Random | by Heidi

My drinking buddy Zahira (a.k.a @zk) is the Momma of this week’s victim. (I say drinking buddy cos she doesn’t drink, so she gives her free drinks at 27Dinner to me!). I haven’t met Kay “in real life” yet, but after reading about her, I sure want to. So without further ado, I present you […]

Have you met Virginia?

16 February, 2009 | Random | by Heidi Schneigansz

The second hatchling, I cannot lay claim to. That honour belongs to Nic Malan. He managed the near impossible feat of turning his mom into a geek! I kid you not. I struggle to explain where the “start” menu in Windows is to my mom and he’s got his tweeting! Kudos to you dude… and […]

Have you met Tanya?

12 February, 2009 | Random | by Heidi Schneigansz

I need to share my Social media & Twitter obsession. No, I have an uncontrollable complusion to share it (call me OCD)…  Nobody is safe. Its only fair that you meet my hapless victims, and victims of people just like me. So I have this section of my blog where you will be introduced to […]

We will experience technical difficulties…

3 February, 2009 | Random | by Heidi Schneigansz

When I created this blog I named it “Snowgoose… a blog in progress” because I had no cooking clue what I was gonna write about. I have now decided.  My new (improved?) blog will be up and running very shortly but it involves changing quite a lot of the structure. So please bear with me […]