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Johannesburg, South Africa
Heidi Custers

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Halfway Toyota made my Friday

6 November, 2009 | My life, Random | by Heidi

So you know I bought my new baby a few months ago? My gorgeous little Yaris which has been the most amazing reliable and awesome car I’ve ever owned. Well, even awesome cars need services and my 1st one came up today. I emailed Halfway Toyota in Fourways on Wednesday to find out if they […]

I’m huge on Twitter….

5 November, 2009 | Random, That internet stuff, Twitter | by Heidi

…if you believe the flippen awesome t-shirt and pack of goodies that arrived at my offices today: It was sent by RSAWEB, who it seems, know geeks pretty well. I’ve always said “Give a blogger a t-shirt and he’ll be your friend for life”, now can you imagine getting a t-shirt, a badge AND a […]

A chronicle of happiness

25 October, 2009 | Random | by Heidi

WARNING: This is a long and soppy post. 5 years ago today I took a boy out on a date. I was 20 years old and he was 24. I didn’t really like rugby much but  I knew he loved it so I negotiated and wangled and I managed to get 2 tickets to the […]


21 September, 2009 | Random | by Heidi

So, I have this tendency to do things on the spur of the moment. Crazy things. Dare-Twitter-to-dare-you-to-wear-your-pyjamas-to-work crazy. Yes, you heard right, tomorrow morning I will be going to work in my purple and blue stripy PJs and I will be twitpiccing it for the nation to see. Gorilla slippers and all. I got a […]

Legend…. wait for it….. Dary!

15 September, 2009 | Random, That internet stuff | by Heidi

I love Barney Stinson. No, really, if he was a real person I’d totally marry him, except Barney doesn’t do marriage. Barney Stinson – the ultimate in cool. Sometimes he gets sad,but then he stops being sad and he is AWESOME instead. True story. Yes, the following video is almost 10 minutes long, but it’s […]