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Heidi Custers

Johannesburg, South Africa
Heidi Custers

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Imagine all the people…

20 January, 2010 | Random | by Heidi

This has been a totally crazy week so far – I’ve not gotten home even remotely near the light side of sunset once and my days are rushing past in a blur. Of course that means that I haven’t gotten a chance to write about The GeekRetreat yet. This I am viewing as a good […]

The very belated ‘decade in review’ post

10 January, 2010 | Random | by Heidi

I know everyone did these posts in December. I was waiting til now just in case the world ended and I had to chronicle that just before we all get obliterated by a giant chicken hurtling toward the earth, you see. Umm… ja.. whatever – that excuse isn’t gonna fly, is it? So, before we […]

So, it’s my birthday soon….

5 January, 2010 | My life, Random | by Heidi

… next week Wednesday, the 13th to be exact. I turn 26 (eish) and today my little sis and my good friend Tanya asked me what I want. I had no idea. So I had to think hard – and I’ve come up with a list. So if anyone out there is feeling generous enough […]

16 days of activism, not just a campaign

1 December, 2009 | My life, Random | by Heidi

I was 10, my mother and father had been divorced for quite a while and my mom had just met a new man. He was amazing, or so everyone said. A rich, handsome and charismatic ex world champion sportsman who was the perfect catch. Except I never liked him, there was always something that just […]