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Johannesburg, South Africa
Heidi Custers

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My Bucket List

2 October, 2010 | My life, Random | by Heidi

I’ve got a pretty nasty flu right now, I might not make it – so I thought I’d write my ‘100 things go do before I die’ list… 😉 Well, not 100 actually – I cant think of 100 things… so 25 will have to do:

My life – right now

20 September, 2010 | Random | by Heidi

http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/06/this-is-why-ill-never-be-adult.html Seriously – this person just gets me.

Let’s catch up…

12 September, 2010 | My life, Random | by Heidi

It’s been a busy month. Some of it has been miserable and tedious, like having to clear out my mom’s house. It’s really hectic going through all her stuff and having to make a decision on whether it gets thrown away, donated or kept. It’s also very draining always being the strong one. The one […]

Don’t f*ck with Geese

31 August, 2010 | Random | by Heidi

Geese are mean – you’ll know this if you’ve ever met me. Now here’s proof: Thanks must go to The World’s Biggest Suck-up for sending me this.

Tech4Africa: The ‘World Cup’ of Geekdom (part 1)

12 August, 2010 | My Job, My life, Random | by Heidi

Tech4Africa, the most anticipated event on the South African tech calendar, officially kicked off this morning. The brainchild of Gareth Knight, the event aims to bring the global giants and South African minds together to discuss the possibilities of human enabled technology and communications.