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Johannesburg, South Africa
Heidi Custers

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Win with Gareth Cliff and Vineet Nayar!

18 October, 2011 | Random | by Heidi

So, I got given 2 copies of some really awesome books. And I want to give away one copy of each to you lovely people! I am in the process of reviewing both books so will share how good/not they are with you soon but in the mean-time… answer the simple questions below and you […]

Did I ever tell you I invented Post-its?

4 April, 2011 | Random | by Heidi

This weekend I attended my 10 year high school reunion. 10 years. Seriously?? Man, I’m getting old. If you want to know what kind of person I was at school, here are a few words that should give you a good idea: Drama, Shooting, Public Speaking, Debating, Prefect. So, ja… not one of the ‘it […]

Empty wallet, full heart.

10 January, 2011 | My life, Random | by Heidi

I have literally *just* returned from a 3 week holiday to the Fair Cape (an hour ago) and am both exhausted and energised. It was just what I needed in every way. I didn’t want to be in Joburg for Christmas Day so we flew down to Cape Town in the morning and had a […]

Crazy busy times

30 November, 2010 | Random | by Heidi

The year is almost over. Can you flippen believe that 2010, the most anticipated year in South Africa in a decade will soon be a thing of the past? Bafana shirts and vuvuzelas have all been packed away and nobody can even remember the words to Waka Waka anymore (Thank God for that).

On hitting the bottom, and starting to climb back up

10 October, 2010 | Random | by Heidi

Warning: this is going to be an emotional post… And full of mixed metaphors. So, as you probably know, my mom died just over 2 months ago. It was sudden and, although I didn’t realise it at the time, it rocked me to the core. Those who know me will know I’m a control freak… […]