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Heidi Custers

A great start to 2009!

12 January, 2009, by Heidi, category That internet stuff

People’s positive attitude and enthusiasm since the start of  “Two Thousand and Mine” has given me a good feeling about this year. But I was not even remotely prepared for the events of last week.

Even though it started (and ended) as a joke, the Nerdies 2009 was a huge ego boost. To be named the second sexiest girl-geek in SA is awesome! The side-splittingly funny ShebeeGee and her crazy crew of SteveMcD, ExMi, Byron, Lord Wiggly and SimonB had us all in stitches with the twists, turns and almost x-rated bits of commentary. I’m almost glad I didn’t win (even though the prizes are awesome!) cos I promised that if I did, I’d wear my Little Miss Twitter outfit, undies and all, to 27Dinner this month…. phew! close call!

I love not taking myself seriously and am glad that so many other people do too. Huge and hearty congrats to Sue Rutherford and Andre van Rooyen for being the official Nerdies – you both deserve it!

The real honour was being included on “King Blogger” (sorry Mike, I had to)  Mike Stopforth‘s list: Ten (More) Young South African Digital Citizens To Watch.

Wow, I am surprised and amazed to be included in a post with the likes of Chris Mills, Adii and Charl Norman! In fact, I think that weird goose-like aliens must have kidnapped Mike, done some very interesting probes and brainwashed him into putting me on that list. Or maybe it is a typo (a big one as it’s hard to imagine someone trying to spell someone else’s name and ending up with Schneigansz).

Either way – it’s amazing and has made 2009 officially the best year ever so far.

Thank you twits, you rock the party!


  1. Dimitriou |

    Whoot! I agree, Mine didn’t have such a good start, being sick and all, but it will be a kick-ass year! Whooaa!

  2. Byron |

    Glad that I could have been of some assistance in making your year a better year. 🙂 Its been great fun and looking forward to a bigger and better nerdies10 next year.

  3. Heidi |

    @Dimitriou Aw shame, hope you’re better now!

    @Byron You did, and it was awesome to reconnect! So the Nerdies really did do a lot of good. 🙂

  4. Byron |

    Definitely good to reconnect. Been a good few years for sure.
    Your surname was a definite give away. I wouldn’t have guessed with your screen name 🙂

  5. Heidi |

    @Jeanette Thanks! It was a lot of fun – I’m actually sad its over!

    @Byron yeah, not many peeps around with a surname this complicated! Apart from EveD, that is! 😉

  6. Melissa |

    A rocking start indeed – big up re: the mention on Mike’s cool post. So I guess the career change was *well* worth it huh? 😛
    It’s gonna be a great year.

  7. Tyler Reed |

    Heidi, you are awesome. I’m calling you Miss Twitter from now on! Seriously though, I wish you an awesome 2009, rock it and rock it hard!

  8. Heidi |

    @Melissa Yeah, it was certainly worth it! Best thing I’ve ever done!

    @Tyler Thanks – you’ve just made my year even better by saying that! Miss Twitter! Mmm… means I’d have to change my name from Super Nana but I think it might work! 😉

  9. StevenMcD |

    I must say Heidi, you’re little Miss Twitter costume almost gave you the victory in the Nerdies, honestly. But good luck for this year, may it be an awesome one full of opportunities!

  10. Annelize |

    Hi Heid’s. First, Congrats on you Bday 13/01. Second, Congrats on all you have achieved – Ja, 2009 certainly hit with a bang and so we will ride on high this year!!! x x

  11. Heidi |

    @Annelize Thank you so much! And it is so awesome to know that my family has read my blog! Wow! 🙂

  12. ZesyFler |

    Да, похоже что в действительности – так оно и есть. P.S. Сайт, кстати, у вас прикольно сверстан